4 Types of SEO Companies and What Do They Do?

When you require SEO companies for your business appearance online, you will see the 4 types of SEO companies.

  • 1. Technical Process SEO Company
  • 2. Free Backlink Process SEO Company
  • 3. Paid Backlink & Blogging Process SEO Company
  • 4. Black Hat SEO Company

Technical SEO

Technical SEO points to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and list your website extra efficiently.

Technical Types of SEO Companies

Some SEO companies doing technical SEO and a small number of backlinks to increase the SERP ranking. What do they do? They optimize webpages with user engagement activities like marquee tag using, videos, sitemap time setup, and small games added to their pages. Page speed optimizing is the significant thing in 2021 because google needs quick appearance websites. These all processes get a low bounce rate from the search console. A low bounce rate is a perfect way of SERP ranking factors when page speed high in your website while you do just 100 backlinks you can get first-page ease. This method used to technical SEO companies survives in the SEO industry.

Free Backlink Process

Backlinks are links of one website to a page on another website. Google and other main search engines respect backlinks “majorities” for a particular page. Pages with a large number of backlinks direct have high natural search engine rankings.

Free Backlink Types of SEO Companies

Some SEO Companies doing only free backlinks to get the first page results. How is it possible? Initially, analyze the backlink list and filter the sites that have good DA, PA, and low spam score, then start to build backlinks to the particular website with anchor text. A basic on-page and a large number of free backlinks are supporting to increase the google ranking. it is the secret of the free backlinking companies.

Paid Backlink & Blogging

Paid backlink and blogging process is nothing, as it is a free backlink process. But here you can see the little bit of payment process blogging is a process of explaining our industry and give some tips to reach the correct destination in a particular industry.

Paid Backlink & Blogging Types of SEO Companies

You're interested in building a backlinking strategy for your business website. But you also recognize a serious problem: No one knows who you are. So why would they link to your website? It creates unnecessary problems for your website, so we take an annual or six-month agreement from the particular website that has good DA, PA, low spam scores.


  • Step 1: Decide on what you will blog
  • Step 2: Decide on the blogging platform and web hosting that you will use
  • Step 3: Set up your blog: design it, tweak it
  • Step 4: Make it live!
  • Step 5: Write great content
  • Step 6: guest posting
  • Step 7: Natural outreach

This process generates more traffic to your site. When you get good traffic, it will be considered by Google to increase the SERP ranking.

Back Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a disapproved exercise that never could improve a page's ranking on a search engine result page. Those practices are opposite the search engine's terms & conditions and can result in the site forbidden from the search engine and associate websites.

Black Hat Types of SEO Companies

Some SEO companies doing these kinds of practices work sometimes but when google changes the algorithm or any update from google, while your website gets down from the SERP or banned by google.